Haukeland Hospital
Section of Gynecological Oncology, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, HH is a European Training Center in Gynecological Oncology and holds the responsibility for treatment of gynecological cancer for the Norwegian western region (a population of approx 1 000 000). The unit perform 315 primary surgical procedures in new invasive genital cancer cases, as well as 700 other gyn-onc surgical procedures per year. All patients treated (> 99%) are included in ongoing studies and biological materials (tissues, blood, ascitic fluid, and urine) are biobanked. The clinical unit function as an integrated part of the Bergen Gynecologic Cancer Research Group, Dept. of Clinical Science, UiB. The main focus for the translational research portfolio is biomarker studies (prognostic, predictive for treatment response), advanced imaging (functional MRI, PET-CT), and preclinical models. The milieu is prestigious and very productive.

Staff Expertise
  • Medical director and prof. Line Bjørge MD, PhD, MBA will take the role as a superviser for PhD candidates enrolled (10%). The group can boost on high-profile local, national and international collaborators, and has been a driving force behind the creation of research collaborations (such as the European network for individualized treatment in endometrial cancer (ENITEC), and MoMaTEC), uniting scientists in and fostering progression of the field. Prof. Bjørge is a council member and treasure for the Nordic Society for gynecological Cancer (NSGO).
  • Prof Helga, Salvesen, MD, PhD is an internationally recognized authority in her field. She is a council member for the European society of gynaecological cancer (ESGO), the European authority in gynecological cancer, and several other international bodies such as the TCGA endometrial and cervical cancer disease studygroups.
  • Both Prof Bjørge and Prof. Salvesen have a broad clinical knowledge in treating ovarian cancer patients and long experience in conducting translational research projects.

Key facilities and infrastructure
  • Biobank of prospectively collected primary and metastatic clinically annotated lesions from patients with gynaecologic cancers. Specimens subjected to comprehensive molecular profiling after advanced imaging (fMRI/PET-CT).
  • Clinical trial unit(s) with staff experienced with clinical trials, including FUTURE -HPV vaccination studies. The units have enrolled > 1000 women.
  • Prof. Salvesen is co-director of Centre of Cancer Biomarkers (CCBIO), a Norwegian Centre of Excellence at the University of Bergen, Norway.

Previous involvement in Research and Training Programmes
  • The research group has a long track performing translational studies published in high impact journals including Nature, Nature Genetics, Lancet Oncology, J Clin Oncol, Cancer Res, PNAS and NEJM. Since 2001, a Norwegian Cancer Society supported laboratory has facilitated the establishment of a biobank containing samples from more than 3000 pre-cancer and cancer patients, and normal controls to link clinical practice and experimental studies demanding high quality specimens for exploring new molecular techniques in a population based setting with clinically annotated patients.

Current Involvement in Research and Training Programmes
  • The clinical and basic science environment has already demonstrated the capacity to
    (1) Develop long term local, regional, national and international collaborations including world leading institutions as Dana Farber Cancer Institute/Broad/Harvard/MIT;
    (2) Generate novel research data published in a range of high impact journals;
    (3) Gain confidence from national and international colleagues as PI for the prospective international multicenter trial for translational research, MoMaTEC-1 successfully including >1500 cases;
    (4) Include >250 patients in parallel with molecular profiling of primary and metastatic lesions in protocols for functional imaging (fMRI and PET-CT) and
    (5) Develop methods for personalized tumor grafts of metastatic gynecologic cancer.
  • The studies are presently funded by the Norwegian Research Council, Norwegian Cancer Society and Helse Vest.

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