Combination adjuvant immunotherapy in canines of the most promising combinations from WP4
The most promising combination immunotherapy from WP4 will be tested in dogs that have undergone tumour resection. MPs will be tested locally at the site of the wound cavity after canine surgery in one approach, whereas NPs will be administered systemically. Dogs show spontaneous development of many cancer subtypes where there are similarities between canines and humans. Tumours in dogs and humans are strikingly similar in their clinical presentation, complications, biology and treatment, though humans have a better outcome. Dogs in particular provide a relevant model for many cancers that is 10 times more prevalent than the corresponding human condition and offers a unique opportunity to answer questions related to local tumour control. Research in basic cancer biology and treatment is therefore readily translational across the species. Dogs are frequently brought into veterinary clinics by their owners for tumour resection. Experimental adjuvant immunotherapy using the NPs may be given with the owner‟s consent. We will use a minimum tumour margin distance for resection in these dogs using IGS. A follow up will be made from pathology reports, biochemistry and molecular tests to show that there is no relapse.

Our objectives are as follows:
5.1. To deliver a cancer management strategy where adjuvant immunotherapy is a more viable alternative than chemotherapy or radiotherapy with better cancer outcome,
5.2. To optimise the NP and /or MP payload with optical monitoring of immune function to ensure maximum immunotherapeutic efficacy,
5.3. To have in place a protocol that can be translated from canines and eventually be implemented for a first-in-man study.

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