JeNaCell is a small, innovative SME working in the field of biotechnology. The company was founded in 2012 as a spin-off from the Friedrich-Schiller University (FSU) Jena. Key technology is an IP protected continuous production process for biotechnologically derived nanocellulose (BNC) for applications in medicine, cosmetics and more. The product portfolio comprises BNC-based products for modern wound management, drug-delivery systems, implants as well as high performance cosmeceuticals. The company has established a quality management system and is certified according to ISO 13485.

Staff Expertise
  • Dr. Dana Kralisch will supervise the activities within this project. She is a chemist by learning and works since 2006 as a research group leader and lecturer at the FSU. During this time, she supervised a broad range of diploma, master and PhD theses. Today, she is working in parallel as chief technical officer at JeNaCell. 10 % of her time, she will be involved in the project, taking over the responsibility for scientific supervision and training activities.

Key facilities and infrastructure
  • JeNaCell is situated at the biotech-campus “Beutenberg” in Jena. The company possesses laboratory as well as production facilities including all equipment required for generation, modification and testing of BNC.
  • A close collaboration with different scientific disciplines (medicine, pharmacy, material science, chemistry) at FSU provides an excellent access to analytical measurements, to trainee programmes of the Graduiertenakademie Jena ( and to local early-stage researcher networks such as Dr.FSU (

Previous involvement in Research and Training Programmes
  • Since JeNaCell is a young start-up, the company was not involved in now completed national or European research and training programmes. However, the key person at JeNaCell, D. Kralisch, managed or was engaged in the following programmes:
    • 2006 FE 0236: Technischer Zugang zum Rohstoff Nanocellulose
    • 2008 FE 9010: Kontinuierliche Gewinnung des innovativen Biopolymers Nanocellulose im Pilot-Maßstab
    • B714-10032: NanocellCare
    • CP-IP 228853-2: COPIRIDE
    • CP-IP 246095-2: POLYCAT

Current Involvement in Research and Training Programmes
  • 03EFU8TH15: ACTIVE
  • F&E 2013 IA 0162: Innovation assistent

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  • Kralisch D, Hessler N, Klemm D, Erdmann R, Schmidt W (2010) White biotechnology for cellulose manufacturing – the HoLiR concept, Biotechnol Bioeng 105 (4):740–747,
  • Hessler N, B. Sultanova, D. Klemm, Multi-phase bacterially-synthesized-nanocellulose biomaterials and method for producing same), WO 2011/113423 A1.
  • Berndt S, Wesarg F, Wiegand C, Kralisch D, Müller FA (2013) Antimicrobial porous hybrids consisting of bacterial nanocellulose and silver nanoparticles, Cellulose 20 (2):771-783.
  • Mueller A, Ni Z, Hessler N, Wesarg F, Mueller FA, Kralisch D, Fischer D (2013) The biopolymer bacterial nanocellulose as drug delivery system: investigation of drug loading and release using the model protein albumin, J Pharm Sci 102 (2):579-592.

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