About the Project
This project is by nature multi-/inter-disciplinary (including surgery, pathology, chemistry, physics, regulation, bioinformatics, immunology, biomaterials, and molecular biology). Those fields will be coupled to our need to advance our understanding of tumour immunology for an immunotherapy-based cancer management program. The 9 work packages (WPs) of the proposal cover a range of disciplines and specialist skills in areas such as chemistry, biomaterials science, computational biology, surgery and bioinformatics. The consortium will identify relevant preclinical immune gene signatures, develop appropriate in vitro and in vivo models and then we will demonstrate the specificity of the biomaterial-based immunotherapeutics in mouse models. The most promising will then be tested in canines.

The work will be performed, not only with standard technologies such as histology, but we will go beyond the state-of-art and utilise:
a) Mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) for high resolution biomolecular interactions,
b) a novel machine learning algorithm, t-SNE (5), for the visualization of high-dimensional gene expression datasets and
c) new biodegradable material formats capable of incorporating immunotherapeutics and molecular imaging moieties.
In addition, optoacoustic imaging technology to detect tumour margins, utilizing a Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography (MSOT) clinical camera, will be used for the preclinical surgery. The overall credibility of the project is underlined by a clear methodological approach and well-defined WPs.