University of Camerino
The university of Camarino is keen on quality and innovation, which permits avantguard ideas and proposals to be unleashed from its antique heart. It has an official accreditation from EU for the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) and the right to use the logo HR-Excellence in Research and is a certified public university since July 2003 (International norms UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 by GROUPE AFAQ). Undergraduate and graduate courses are offered in 7 disciplines among which Pharmacy and Biotechnology, several of which are available in English. Main offices: Industrial Liaison Office; International Relations Office. Facilities: residence halls, guestrooms, canteen, scientific labs, specialized libraries, computing and ICT facilities. Services: tutoring, support for people with disabilities. International PhD School in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biotechnology.

Staff Expertise
  • Piera Di Martino is Associate Professor, PhD, in Pharmaceutical Technology and head of the group of Pharmaceutical Technology of the University of Camarino, Publications: 60*;
  • Prof. Wilma Quaglia is Associate Professor, PhD, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Publications: 70*;
  • Roberta Censi, Assistant Professor, PhD, Pharmaceutical Technology, Publications: over 30

Key facilities and infrastructure
  • Facilities and equipment for polymer synthesis and characterization. Preparation and physico-chemical characterization of nanoparticles. Physicochemical characterization of biotherapeutics, modeling analysis, and molecular docking. Instrumentation: Dynamic Light Scattering-DLS, Differential Scanning Calorimeter-DSC, Thermogravimeter-TGA, Micro-DSC, Nano-DSC, Gel Permeation Chromatography-GPC, HPLC, MS-HPLC equipped with different detectors, solid state Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 13C-NMR, X-ray Powder Diffractometer, Scanning Electron Microscopy-SEM, Gas Phase Chromatography, freeze dryer and spray dryer, software for modeling analysis and molecular docking.

Previous and current involvement in Research and Training Programmes
  • Coordinator of National Projects.
  • Coordinator of Intensive Programme (IP) in Advanced Drug Delivery of Biotechnological Drugs (ADELBIOTECH) in the European Lifelong Learning Programme (2009-2010).
  • ERASMUS programmes of mobility with UNIUT.

  • Censi R, Di Martino P, et al. Photopolymerized thermosensitive poly(HPMAlactate)-PEG-based hydrogels: effect of network design on mechanical properties, degradation, and release behavior. Biomacromolecules. 11(8):2143-51 (2010).
  • Censi R, Di Martino P, et al. In situ forming hydrogels by tandem thermal gelling and Michael addition reaction between thermosensitive triblock copolymers and thiolated hyaluronan. Macromolecules. 43(13):5771-5778 (2010).
  • Censi R, Di Martino P, et al. Printable Photopolymerizable Thermosensitive p(HPMA-lactate)-PEG Hydrogel for Tissue Engineering. Advanced Functional Materials .0(21): 1833-1842 (2011).

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