Medres Medical Research GmbH has built up specialisation towards developing tools related to imaging devices.

Staff Expertise
  • Dr Stefan Wecker and Prof Mathias Hoehn have been actively involved in developing MRI and optical imaging tools. Their work will assist with tracking cells in the brain using specially designed multimodality instruments, including electrophysiology set-ups, and assays for in-vivo monitoring of cell fate.

Key facilities and infrastructure
  • The company has expertise of in-vivo MRI and optical imaging as well as longstanding experience in cutting-edge imaging hardware. The company started with hardware development for experimental high resolution MRI and then expanded the spectrum of modalities to optical imaging, PET and CT. Their goal is to improve temporal and spatial resolution to allow in vivo tracking of implanted cells.

Previous involvement in Research and Training Programmes
  • 6th EU-FP: Networks of Excellence:
    a) EMIL (European Molecular Imaging Laboratory) 2005-2010 and
    b) DiMI (Diagnostic Molecular Imaging) 2005-2011.
  • 7th EU-FP: STREP, ENCITE, 2008-2012

Current Involvement in Research and Training Programmes
  • 2013-2017: EU Marie Curie IAPP project, BRAINPATH

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